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  February 2012:  $100 on account with a vet to help provide initial medial care for a stray shaggy dog.  His coat is badly matted and he's limping.   

  January 2012:  $45 to a vet for a recheck on an OES-mix. He had sustained a bite on the nose while at a shelter before entering rescue.  

- 2011 Holiday Christmas Ornament Purchases -
Those who purchased holiday ornaments this year have provided the following gifts...

  1. The first holiday gift is $150 will be placed on account at a veterinary clinic/hospital for the next homeless OES assisted by OES Southwest Rescue.  A picture of the dog assisted will follow.
  2. The second holiday gift was a $93.26 purchase of a digital camera and memory card sent to OES Rescue of Michigan to help document neglect/abuse.
  3. The third holiday gift was a $144.11 purchase of 25 AKC CAR microchips sent to Carolinas OES Rescue.
  4. The final holiday gift was $50 to OES Rescue of Florida to help with the transport of a 13 year old boy to rescue.

  September 2011: $50 for an Old English Sheepdog with a California rescue that needs surgery to repair a broken leg.

Sorry... no
picture available.

March 2011:  $100 to neuter an Old English Sheepdog currently in rescue.  He was offered for free in an ad and rescue was able to assist both him and his mate. The two breeding dogs will now begin new lives as companions.

Sorry... no
picture available.

January 30, 2011:  $75 to obtain an intact female OES if a southern rescue would take her into their rescue program.  They will have her spayed soon and then match her with a family that best matches her temperament and needs.

-2010 Holiday Christmas Ornament Purchases-
The sale of these ornaments is through Pomeroy Jewelers.
100% of the purchase price will be donated to
assist a homeless Old English Sheepdog.

 January 19, 2011:
$100.00 toward the neuter
of  this little boy currently with a rescue in Utah.

December 2010:  Donations of gift sets for OES
rescues to auction off. Winning bids benefited rescue
OESs including one that had emergency surgery for bloat. 
Winning bids of $45.05 and $122.51.

May 2010:  $100 to a rescue for medical care.  Yet another OES that had been chained outdoors.

From the individual who paid for his initial medical care and sought help from rescue...

"I live across the street from a country church and the preacher called me over there this morning to check on a dog that showed up on his back porch.  When I got there I found the sweetest dog, emaciated, but sweet.  Now for those of you with a week stomach, the pictures that follow are not pretty.   

The dog was severely matted, covered in maggots and had a chain embedded in his neck at some point and had partially begun to regrow into another part.  The chain did not have to be surgically removed, but the latch was so covered with ooze from his gaping wounds that we could not dislodge the spring to release it.."

  March 2010: $100 to groom a neglected Old English Sheepdog that had been kept on a chain outdoors. 

  January 2010: $114 to spay an Old English Sheepdog already in rescue. 

Midwest OES Rescue- Indiana 

Carolinas OES Rescue-

Colorado OES Rescue

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated to Old English Sheepdog rescues in 2009.
Your donations allow rescues to provide medical care for homeless, abused and neglected dogs.

Watch for new OES ornaments and decorative magnets in 2010!  If you would like to donate a picture of your Old English Sheepdog for possible use in upcoming sculptures, please email us.  All of our decorations are based on either line drawings or photographs that we have been given permission to use.  Note that you must have taken the picture and own the rights to it's use.  Those donating pictures that we are able to reproduce as sculptures always receive the #1 first-in-series hand painted decoration as our thanks for helping.  Note that pictures are selected based on pose and our own limits in ability to reproduce the design.  Decorations are usually considered charming and will not be lifelike.  For designs offered in 2009, please click here.

Mostly shaved down and bathed.

His coat is coming in nicely.

September 2009: $138.70 to cover the 7 month olds initial vet check- heartworm testing, skin scrapings, antibiotics, etc.

It's hard to believe but this is the same little boy pictured below after he was shaved down. Honest. The good news is that he can indeed hear.  The bad news is that his skin is in horrible condition. He's scratched a lot of the hair off his intensely itchy ears. Shaggy coats can hide so much and it's simply got to come off in order to address skin problems and allow the air to help dry and heal the damaged skin.  He stinks to high heaven but he's being such a good boy about accepting the frequent medicated baths that help to sooth his skin. 

The skin problem has been diagnosed as a bad case of staph infection.  He has with open sores on his skin and between his toes. A lump was also found on his rump by his tail and it will be aspirated and removed if necessary when he's neutered.  Such a rough start for this happy little man... and he actually is happy and enjoys playing with the other resident and foster dogs. He will make a great addition to someone's life once he's healthy enough to be neutered and placed.

UPDATE: The lump was filled with fluid.  A biopsy indicates it's not cancer.  It may still be removed when he's healthy enough to be neutered.

UPDATE: The picture shows how far this boy's come along with the help of rescue.  He's going to his new home next week!

Compare this puppy picture with the puppy
picture directly above. It's the same dog.  It's often
impossible to tell from just a picture that the shaggy
coat is hiding lots of mats and a bad skin infection.

September 2009:  $100.00 to cover the adoption fee and a little toward gas money to assist a 7 month old Old English Sheepdog puppy.

A little boy was dropped off in a holding pen at Animal Control during the night. When the officer went to get him and the other puppies that had been left, this little fella didn't turn to see who was coming to see them.  When taking his picture, he didn't automatically turn around to face the nice lady with the camera.  It's a good indication the little guy is deaf.  He'll be entering rescues soon have a a chance at finding a good home.

Note: The staff says his ears are very itchy and he has sores on his body.  The rescue will have to wait until Animal Control can legally release him.

We sometimes think that Animal Control is a horrible place for a dog to end up.  In truth, many of these facilities are staffed by caring and compassionate people who do a difficult but unfortunately necessary job.  They reunite lost dogs with loving owners and they help to ensure unwanted dogs get one last chance to find someone who will love them.  Thanks to this Animal Control for keeping this boy safe until rescue could pick him up.

Back of his left ear and a sore on the top of his muzzle.

August 2009:  $100.00 to assist a 3 year old Old English Sheepdog.

It was said she had been bitten in the face so the breeder turned her in to a shelter.  It was obvious she had weaned puppies not long before.  The nasty wound on her mouth has healed and this sweet, sweet girl has put on some weight. Though her face is now permanently scarred, her beard hair will eventually cover it.  The injury hasn't ruined this girl's good nature and ability to interact with other dogs.  The rescue has also made certain she'll no longer be used for profit... she's been spayed and is currently awaiting adoption.

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