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Pictures of Sampson-
What a handsome sheepie-boy!

January 2007: $100.00 to be used toward neutering an Old English Sheepdog.  Many times sheepies end up abandoned, turned in to shelters or pounds or rescue (OES rescue when they're truly fortunate) simply because the owners never considered having them spayed or neutered. This boy will be neutered and then a new home will be found for him.  An Indiana OES rescue is assisting.

Sampson Rescue Update: From his rescuer:
"This is Sampson.  He was transported by rescue a whopping 775 miles!  He's a 2 yr. old purebred OES from northwestern Indiana.  Sampson innocently "herded" the chickens on his owner's property, covering them with saliva and leaving them to freeze to death.  He was sold through the local newspaper to a family who promptly returned him because he "marked his territory" on their carpeting.  Frustrated, the owners tied him in a small pen in the barn and contacted OES Rescue. Sammy was promptly neutered and settled into foster care until the most perfect home was located.  Today Sampson lives in the lap of luxury  with experienced OES parents, an 8 yr. old OES brother and no poultry."

January 2007: $100.00 for a vet check of an Old English Sheepdog.  This sheepie-boy has been in living outdoors for the past 2 years.  He's going to be coming into rescue soon.  Pictures of Bear... upon arrival and after being shaved down.

Update: This rescue story did not end the way we all had hoped.  The rescue knew going in that he would be a tough case.  Bear was simply too damaged to be placed in a new home... after several bites while in rescue in just a short time, the decision was made to end his suffering.  We have no regrets in having assisted Bear so he could have this one last chance.  If you would like to read his rescue report and see his before and after pictures during his brief time in rescue, please click here.


January 2007: $100.00 to an Old English Sheepdog rescue.  Steve was scheduled to be euthanized at the dog pound but got second chance when an Ohio Humane Society saved him.  His coat and skin were in bad condition but he was really starting to look good. It had been over a month and he hadn't found his home yet so an OES rescue is helping him out.  Funds went to help defray the cost of getting him into rescue.

Update: Steve with the beautiful blue eyes is being called Stevie Wonderdog.  He's with his temporary foster family in Indiana now awaiting transport to the OES rescue that is assisting him.  The picture on the right is after he had his tubby, was dried, then clipped down to an even length.

Please consider donating to the OES rescues that assist these marvelous companions.  It allows them to help more dogs like Steve find new families to love them.

September 2006: $100.00 for the grooming and vet check for a deaf Old English Sheepdog.  This sweet faced 5 1/2 year old sheepie-girl was in trouble so Guardian Angels Humane Society in Illinois came to her rescue. They cleaned her all up, got her checked out by a vet and she's found a family to love her.  If anyone is considering adopting a deaf dog, here are some wonderful links that might assist you in communicating with your new companion...
  • The Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
  • The book "Living With A Deaf Dog" by Susan Cope-Becker.
  •  The ASL University website shows you how to sign... you can also make up your own signs in order to communicate commands.  Here's an example of "night-night" that you can use for bedtime or kennel up if you use a crate  Hearing dogs also benefit from hand signals... our own dogs will often follow hand signals better than verbal commands.  It just takes love, patience, repetition and consistency.

Special dogs make extra special companions.

Pictures courtesy of Diane!

After being groomed.

July 2006: $80.00 for the grooming of an Old English Sheepdog. It was said this sheepie-boy had been adopted at about 6 months of age from an Animal Control with the promise he would be neutered.  A year later, he's still intact and had been spending his life in a small kennel out in the backyard. He'd only been groomed once since being adopted and his coat was a terribly matted.

K-9 Rescue League in Georgia is getting this boy ready for a new and better life.  He is scheduled to be neutered, heartworm tested and brought up to date on all shots.  At the time of writing, he's awaiting his new family.


July 2006: $75.00 for vet care for an Old English Sheepdog.

June 2006: $125.00 fee for the release of a young sheepie from a shelter.  Shaggy is an adorable 5 month old sheepie-girl who, at the time of writing, is now with New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue awaiting a home.

April 2006: $50.00 for grooming an Old English Sheepdog at a West Virginia animal shelter. Sweet Olivia found herself at a shelter after chasing the chickens.  It was sad that despite being only a 1 1/2 year old she had already had one litter of pups. The shelter manager said that she is such a nice dog for not having any attention given to her. She was also thin and terribly dirty/matted...

"...It took 3 baths to get all the red clay mud off of her. Boy was she very stinky. She never moved at all and seem to know that this was going to make her feel so much better. After she was done she ran around like a puppy..."

We have learned that she is now in a loving foster home getting her ready for an eventual forever home.  A big thanks to Sandy and Tammy for taking a special interest in this sheepie girl!

News From The Rescue-  I'm settling in with my new foster mama... she too says I'm a very sweet sheepie-girl.  I've been all shaved down and I had a visit with the vet. They found a wood splinter in the roof of my mouth that had penetrated through to my nasal cavity... despite this, I've been so very good.  I'm to be spayed soon. 

Update!  I've been adopted by a wonderful family!  And so a new life begins...


January 2006: $100 toward the emergency medical care of an Old English Sheepdog.

January 2006: $100.00 toward medical care for Paddington. This sweet little boy is an Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle mix. He was having difficulty walking because of muscle atrophy and was going to be euthanized. A very special lady came to his aid... she would determine if he could be saved or if euthanasia would be the kindest thing. Tests were done and it was determined that he was suffering from severe malnutrition and bilateral hip dysplasia.  While in her care, Paddy has gained good muscle mass and will be going up for adoption soon.

Feb. 2006 Update: Paddington, now known as Bear, has been adopted by a wonderful family.  They have consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and he is scheduled for JPS surgery to correct his hip dysplasia.  He has a very bright future!  Thanks to his new family for bringing this precious pup into their lives!

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