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March 2005: $170.00... Funds to a vet in Missouri to spay an OES that was going to enter rescue.  The family hit very hard times and could no longer afford to keep their precious pet.  They wanted her to have a special home where she would be treasured... someone who would send a picture occasionally so they would know she was okay. 

March 2005: $360.73... Funds to a vet in Texas for initial treatment of a puppy mill Old English Sheepdog. She was auctioned off in Missouri and an all-breed rescue saved her. They then contacted an OES rescue for assistance.  This poor girl had infected ears where the cartilage turned to bone (ossification), wounds on her back that appeared to be dog bites, a leg that had been broken at some point but was never set and broken ribs... she is very skinny.   She is currently safe with a rescue.

February 2005: $219.00... Funds to an Alabama shelter for neutering, a groomer to shave him down and a vet to test, treat and board him.  Alonzo (Big Al, now named Newman) found himself in a very bad situation. He was wandering the streets when he was picked up.  He was so matted, very skinny, terrible teeth, loss of muscle mass... but he was just so very sweet.  After he was groomed, he went to the vet for a heartworm test which was negative. While waiting for a rescue to pick him up, he developed kennel cough and had to be boarded. 

At Animal Control

Sheep dog - mix

Notes: Buddy ended up in the dog pound because his owner passed away. As if that isn't hard enough for a ten year old dog to handle, he is now in dire need of a new home or he won't have long to live either. He is about forty pounds and he does not like children, he will need an adult only home. Please come visit him and save his life! $54 buys license, neuter if not done, vaccine and microchip.

At Humane Society

After being groomed...
what a handsome fellow!

Dec. 2004: $85.00... Funds to an Ohio Animal Control: Funds were provided to have Buddy groomed and also for his full adoption fee.  He was transferred from Animal Control to the local Humane Society where he is awaiting his new family.  Sent additional funds because he is still staying at the shelter.  Additional $50.00 was also sent because he had not yet found his new forever home.

Dec. 2004: $200.00... Funds to a Kentucky rescue for going to the assistance of a sheepie by the "name" of D12 at a Kentucky shelter.

Nov. 2004: $300.00... Funds to a Texas Rescue to reimburse for the treatment of a heartworm positive Old English Sheepdog in a shelter in Florida and also neutering, partial funding to transport the sheepie to Texas. 

Old English Sheepdog-mix
I.D. 7709
Notes: Buddy is a darling White Old English Sheepdog. He does need a grooming, but is a handsome boy even with all the hair. If you can give him a home contact the Haywood County Animal Shelter.

Nov.  2004: $30.00... Funds to a North Carolina Shelter: Funds were provided to have Buddy groomed. He was picked up by a rescue and we were notified recently that he was placed with his new family to begin his life again. Additional $45.00 to groomer for the next dog that comes along in bad shape that no one offers to assist.

UPDATE!  This is Bevyn (formerly known as Buddy... yes, the Buddy pictured above!).  We had to write back to the shelter to make sure they contacted the right person about his recent placement.  We could not believe this was the same dog.  They indicated he had loads of red clay in his coat.  Amazing is all we can say.  The rescue did a fantastic job with him and his new family adores him.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Yes, that is Buddy.  Can you believe it.  He is a wonderful dog.  They love him.


Before being rescued.

Nov. 2004: $250.00... Funds to a Texas Rescue. Funds were provided to help pay for a portion of the medical and food for these three girls rescued from an animal collector. The mother sheepie was emaciated and all three were heartworm positive... only one of the girls survived treatment (the girl on the left at the bottom known now as Faith).  They knew love, kindness, had a warm place to sleep and a full belly while they were here... maybe a first for them.   
UPDATE! Faith had lived in a sealed 6'x6' box/pen with her sister when she was rescued and was never socialized. She suffered a big setback when her sister died but with a brief period of medication, she found joy in life.  She will most likely always be shy of people (she is NOT aggressive however). She loves to play with the other dogs at the rescue where she will have a permanent home.

Faith in June of 2005

Chicky- SICK
Old English Sheepdog

Notes: Chicky is a sweet girl that was brought in by the dog warden. She is about 4-5 years old. She is housebroken. But is very sick right now. She has had extreme diarrhea since the day she came in and needs for someone to open their heart and take her to the vet.

Oct. 2004: $100.00... Funds to an Ohio Shelter: Funds were provided to have Chicky immediately taken to the vet for assessment and put on medication.  It was discovered that she had puppies recently because she was lactating... sadly, the pups were never found.  Chicky was adopted shortly after her treatment began.

October 2004

This is why we began offering to pay for grooming if a sheepie is safe at a shelter.



It all began at our local shelter with a
mix-breed dog by the name of Bowser.


We visited him and found that he had "soil" (the polite term) on his belly and was terribly matted.  The shelter staff did their best to cut out the worst of the mats but his coat was still in bad shape.  He wouldn't even pick up his head during our two visits with him... he looked so terribly sad.  We asked if it would be possible to pay for someone to groom him and test him for heartworms.  They allowed us to do this and arranged for a groomer to pick him up and pamper him for part of the day.  He came back simply handsome!  It was amazing to see the transformation of this lovely dog.  When we saw him again he was standing up, wagging his tail and leaning on the pen fencing wanting to be scratched!  He was a completely different dog in this short time.  It was like this poor filthy creature who was just existing day-to-day found out that life could be good again and that someone cared.  Not long after the shelter phoned to say he had been adopted.

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