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January 2006: $100.00 to a Kentucky OES Rescue to help pay for vet care of a 2 year old sheepie-girl.  This poor girl was found walking down the road and Animal Control was notified.  She had been well fed but is terribly matted and smelly. She's a typical Velcro-girl that just wants to be with someone who will love her. She will be vet-checked, spayed and placed in a loving home.

January 2006: $200.00 for a special boy in Alabama named Jack. Jack is being picked up from the shelter in Alabama and will be heartworm tested, vaccinated and neutered... he'll then go to a foster home until his new family finds him.

Hey! That's Not A Sheepie!  Yeah, we know. This one is 100% out of our pocket.  A rescue got in touch with us about this special Doberman-German Shepard-mix...

"I am down to the wire today on this sweet boy.  I have to make a decision tomorrow...can I pull him or do I walk away? The shelter had a lot of intakes yesterday and Jack's space is needed NOW... I have been working on his case for several weeks. In an overcrowded, tiny shelter that owner surrenders can be put down immediately and strays only get 7 days, Jack has been there 33 days today because his temperament is outstanding..."

This happens everyday at shelters across the country. Perfectly wonderful pets are being destroyed sometimes because of situations out of an owner's control but mainly due to over population, indifference, ignorant breeding, neglect, abuse. If you want to help, look for ways to assist in  your own community.  If you can foster just one dog or cat, you give them a reprieve from euthanasia... it's like giving them a safe place to land until their new family comes along. If you don't want to get that involved, ask if you can fund the spay or neuter of one dog or cat of an underprivileged family. You may even be able to do this anonymously through your local vet. If we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot.

Please have your pets spayed and neutered.
Be a responsible pet owner and help stop this senseless killing.

November 2005: $100.00 on account with a Houston vet to help fund medical care for Petey.  Texas OES Rescue is assisting a sheepie-boy that should weigh about 65 pounds but is only 38.  Along with being emaciated, he had a terrible case of mange.  You can visit the Texas OES Rescue website for his story.  His recovery has been amazing.  

September 2005: $600.00 so far to various organizations that are assisting with pets effected by hurricane Katrina. We have also shipped supplies. Includes the American Humane Association, Best Friends Animal Society of Utah to assist their sister sanctuary St. Frances Animal Sanctuary... they are helping the Jefferson Parrish Animal Control in Louisiana. And also our local PetSafe Rescue who is receiving injured and owner-surrendered pets that have been transported north to receive care and to find new homes.  We can only imagine how devastating it would be to be forced to give up our beloved pets... and on top of everything else these poor people have already lost.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.  Please donate to organizations that will be assisting those unable to help themselves.

August 2005: $105.00... initial vet check for two rescued sheepie-girls.

Initial vet check for 2 very skinny sheepie-girls. These sisters were rescued from a shelter after their owner became ill and was no longer able to care for them.  Fortunately, both were found to be are heartworm negative.  One of the sisters is healing from dog bite wounds to the ear and lip which were incurred while at the shelter..  Thanks to our customers for helping to make this assistance possible!  You purchases help save sheepies.

June 2005: $90.00... Funds to a shelter in Louisiana to spay, microchip and vaccinate this little girl.  She's about 6 months old... part Old English Sheepdog and part Border Collie. This sweetheart has entered a rescue where she will await her new home... it also frees up valuable space at the shelter to help another dog in need.

~ A living memorial to a dear friend. ~
Saving a life, to honor a life.
In loving memory of Wendy.

Sheep Dog

He is around 2 years old and a real family dog. he is white and grey and is in need of a good grooming but other than that is a handsome dog. a great boy to bring into a family!

June 2005: $100.00... Funds to a West Virginia animal shelter to pay for grooming and boarding until he can either find a new family or be placed with a rescue.

Update!  I've been shaved down and what do you know... I'm a girl :)  The electric clippers were really scary so they sedated me while they got the terrible mats off me... it then took me a couple of days to learn to walk right again with all that extra weight removed. I'm doing well and am now in a Pennsylvania rescue awaiting my new family.  My new name is Maisy Wiggles.

September Update!  Maisy Wiggles has been adopted by a wonderful family who now calls her Pearl. It was discovered that Pearl is completely deaf and they are learning ways to communicate with this lovely girl.  The September update is that they all are doing great!  A big thanks to the family that saw the treasure in sweet Pearl.

Know of a deaf dog that you need to communicate with?  Please visit for lots of great information... also the book, "Living With A Deaf Dog" by Susan Cope-Becker... finally, the following website to "see" signs you can use to communicate  Know that a deaf dog can be taught and they are well worth being saved.  Special dogs make special companions!

  June 2005: $300.00... Funds on account at the local feed store for dog food for an Old English Sheepdog rescue in Texas.  Should take care of one month's food requirements for the rescue.

May 2005: $60.00... Funds to a Tennessee Humane Society to prepay the adoption fee including neutering and vaccinations. A volunteer group offered their assistance in grooming this sweet sheepie that is so terribly matted.  Cheers to them for helping a sheepie in need! He's safe with the shelter until his new family finds him.

"...I was picked up as a stray and my coat is severely matted, so it's obvious that I haven't been cared for properly in quite some time. I am such a sweet and friendly boy though..."

May 2005: $150.00... Funds to vet in Texas to be applied to
neutering these 3 boys who just entered rescue.

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