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May 2009:  $400.00 to assist two Old English Sheepdogs.

These two dogs arrived sick with tick disease- both with Anaplasmosis, one also tested positive for Lyme disease.  Both dogs are receiving medical treatment for tick diseases and are in loving foster homes awaiting adoption.  We are sometimes forced to choose topical pesticides in order to keep our pets healthy when we live in areas of the country where ticks are prevalent.  Seek the advice of your vet when selecting a flea/tick product, one they feel is safest. IMPORTANT: Be very careful if you know or suspect your pet
has a health condition when considering a flea/tick product. 
Don't use a product without first seeking your vet's advice.

Do you see a trend here?  We think it's due to the economy and the fact that these are big dogs and they require so much grooming.  Anyone who shares their life with an OES knows first hand the hours each week it takes to maintain an OES in a longer coat or the time time it takes to shave their dog down to a more manageable length.

Whatever the reasons, more breeder's are now selling their dogs, surrendering their breeding dogs to rescue or turning them in to animal control.  Many of those turned in in the past couple of months have been sick... many of these dogs' coats have been in deplorable condition. But they now get a wonderful chance to begin a better life thanks to shelters and rescue organizations!

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May 2009:  $200.00 to help an OES rescue obtain two Old English Sheepdogs from a neglectful breeder.

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April 2009:  $100.00 to assist an OES rescue taking in 5 Old English Sheepdogs.
These were f
ormer breeding dogs and they were surrendered to rescue.  Two of these dogs had been bred for years and have mammary tumors.  They are currently in foster homes and will require medical treatment.

March 2009:  A fundraiser through to help a rescue with nine Old English Sheepdogs entering rescues.

These Old English Sheepdogs were said to have been surrendered to a rescue by a breeder.  In order to help, we donated all profits from the March 2009 sales of the Old English Sheepdog trinket boxes to this rescue to help them help these dogs.  A big thanks to all of our customers who helped these dogs and got a great keepsake for their support!  Because of you,  we were able to donate over $300.00 to help these dogs.

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April 2008: $200.00 to purchase three Old English Sheepdogs.

The three females are now with OES rescue... they'll first be spayed and then carefully matched with new families.

If you have to rehome your pets, seriously consider having them spayed or neutered before they leave your control.  It will guarantee they will be companion animals rather than used by unscrupulous breeders for profit... it's your final responsibility to your pet if you truly want what's best for them.

January 2008: $100.00 to a rescue to help pay for medical care.

This sheepie-boy had been living near a farm for quite a while. It was said he would come out and eat with the farmer's working dogs, then retreat to the woods.  He started running in the road and the farmer feared he'd be hit by a car so he took him to the local shelter.  This dog was set to be euthanized at the end of the week. 

A kind couple rushed over to save him before he could be euthanized and got him to the vet to begin his care.  He had an eye infection so he couldn't see... his ears were badly infected, one to the point of being closed.  This was probably the reason the dog was running in the road.  He also had bite wounds on his head and back.  He was shaved down, neutered and his wounds attended to... he's still at the vet at this time but should be going to his new home soon.

This dog was in a small town... where the local vet had to euthanize pets weekly because of lack of funds/space/adoptive families.  It has got to be disheartening for veterinarians to have to go in and euthanize dogs and puppies with such potential to be loving and loyal companions... week after week after week.  This vet is now providing this dog's care and indicated he's such a sweet dog.  It seems that he must feel good being able to use his talents to heal rather than end or prevent future suffering.  Sadly, BOTH rolls this vet plays are equally important in a world where there are simply too many dogs, not enough loving homes, and irresponsible owners who abandon or neglect dogs or breed them foolishly. 

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January 2008: $50.00 to a rescue to help with an Old English Sheepdog recovering from Distemper.

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December 2007: $100.00 on account at a vet hospital for an individual who's Old English Sheepdog was attacked at a dog daycare center.

Doggie daycare centers are usually fun places for dogs to play and interact with other dogs and for their owners to comfortably leave their furry companions.  However lack of adequate and qualified supervision can be disastrous.  Make sure there are always enough humans with the dogs in when they're in a play group... that the play group isn't too large to be safely handled... that those on staff have plans in place to quickly break up a dog fight. The dog in the situation above almost died as the result of being severely attacked by more than a dozen other dogs. So please, ask questions so you know your dog will have a fun and safe experience.

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December 2007: $100.00 to a rescue to help with a shaggy dog.

December 2007: $400.00 to a rescue to pay for the spay/neutering of two adult Old English Sheepdogs from a puppy mill in Michigan.

They came from a puppy mill in our own state.  The adults will be spayed/neutered and homes will be found for them here.  The six 10 week old puppies have headed out East to another OES rescue and will be vetted and rehomed.

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