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July 2007: $100.00 to neuter an Old English Sheepdog and to pay a small portion of transport.

This fabulous 3 or 4 year old sheepie-boy was found as a stray in Missouri.  While awaiting transport, he was said to have been submissive to the resident small size poochies. On his way from Missouri to Kentucky, his foster-pop stopped at a Petco to get a chew-chew for the ride home.  Walker was said to have wiggled his bum for everyone that approached to say hello.  He seems to thoroughly enjoy human company and he appears to have eased into a pack situation fine too. It's unbelievable that he has such a wonderful temperament yet no one reclaimed him.  He'll be neutered soon and is awaiting the perfect family to call his own.

This is Panda, formerly a rescue
sheepie, modeling a Kuranda bed.

June 2007:  A large size Kuranda bed to a rescue that assists hospice and senior dogs.

Kuranda Beds... these are a platform-type beds that keep a dog off the cold and damp floor... add a cozy blanket or fleece pad for a real snuggly beddybye for a shelter or rescue dog awaiting a new home and family. They come in different sizes and materials.

You too can donate a bed just like this to your favorite shelter or rescue to keep homeless dogs a little more comfortable during a very stressful time..  Please visit the address below for more information on how you can help.

Sorry... no
picture available.

May 2007: Two #10 clipper blades to a groomer for shaving down a matted Old English Sheepdog.

The shelter staff said this sheepie-boy was a giant matted hairball and that he couldn't even hold his mouth properly because of knotted fur.  They clipped him down as best they could in their spare time but indicated his coat still required a lot of work.  They put us in touch with a groomer just down the road that volunteers her help in cases like this. April at April's Pet Place stopped by to take a look at this sheepie and scheduled his grooming.  We offered to pay for her services... instead she mentioned possibly sending down a couple of  #10 clipper blades because of the wear they get going through matted sheepie fur.  The new blades are on the way to Texas as we write.

If we all give just a little- be it time, money or no longer needed supplies - a lot can be accomplished.  Thanks to the shelter staff and April for giving this sheepie a chance at a better life.

Update: This sheepie is now with Texas Old English Sheepdog
where he'll have a great chance at finding the perfect family.

Sorry... no
picture available.

May 2007: $50.00 to help reimburse transport of a sad Old English Sheepdog.

This sweet sheepie was found wandering near a shelter in Kentucky so the kind shelter folks took her in.  The poor girl had a large number of ticks and burrs on her terribly matted body... she was also pregnant.  They shaved her down and had her spayed then put her up for adoption but she was very sad at the shelter.  Old English Sheepdogs sometimes do poorly in a shelter setting because of their need to be with their humans.  A former OES rescue individual adopted her so we reimbursed part of his transport fee so he might yet again step in to make life better for a sheepie in need. 

Sorry... no
picture available.

April 2007: $25.00 to a hospice rescue with a special needs Old English Sheepdog.

Just a little something to make the remaining days of a special little sheepie with a rare congenital defect a little happier. 

UPDATE: Though this little sheepie has a rare condition, it's been determined that he could live a long life... "you just never know".  He's been moved out of hospice and his adoption is pending.  Wishing precious Scruffy a happy life filled with love.

You can see this precious pup at the 7 Bells Sanctuary/Petfinder website:

UPDATE: The WONDERFUL news is Scruffy's been adopted and his x-rays had been reversed, not his insides, so he has a better chance at a long life.  He's recovering from pneumonia and has some other issues but he's doing pretty good.  He'll have some life long challenges to face.

Adoption Day- 
Look at that sheepie smile!

Jack shortly after entering rescue.

April 2007: $100.00 to neuter an Old English Sheepdog. 

There are times when family members and friends have to make tough decisions and take control of bad situations. This 3 year old Old English Sheepdog had spent most of his days and nights in a basement... his owner was too busy with the hours he spent at work to provide proper care for this boy. He was never housetrained. A family member convinced this individual to turn the dog over to her and she spent 5 hours clipping the matted fur from his emaciated body.  She later contacted rescue to find him a loving home.  Without her intervention and compassion, this dog's days were surely numbered.

Indiana-Midwest OES Rescue got this boy vet checked, on antibiotics for his skin infections and treated for worms... they shaved him down further, bathed him for fleas then started concentrating on getting some good food into him. He has learned what it's like to NOT live in his own excrement... NOT be deprived of human affection... NOT have an empty tummy... NOT have painful mats. After about a month in rescue, a loving family with past Old English Sheepdog experience was chosen and Jack begins a much happier chapter in his life.

entering rescue.

We can choose to ignore the suffering of another or we can make the difficult choice to get involved. If you know of an animal that is suffering, please do something to help. Try to gently coax the owner to give up the pet or call an animal agency for help and guidance. So many pets suffer silently because no one knows they even exist or, worse yet, because no one wants to get involved. 

get involved.

"Living With a
Deaf Dog"
By Susan Cope-Becker

March 2007: $124.00 for deaf dog books donated to an Old English Sheepdog Rescue.
We received a discount price because they were going to OES rescue.  11 copies of this super little book went to an OES rescue so they could send one out with each deaf Old English Sheepdogs they place this year.  It offers some good ideas on how to communicate with your new deaf dog companion.  We're hoping it will give families a good place to start!

"I'm all ready for my haircut!"
What a sweet sheepie smile.

Sassy in her Indiana
State University sweatshirt.

January 2007: $100.00 for thyroid testing of an Old English Sheepdog. 

Sassy's Rescue Report:  "Sassy was a stray that ended up in a Quincy, Michigan shelter.  She was discovered by Cathy, a volunteer with Doberman Rescue, who called Old English Sheepdog Rescue.  We tried to find an approved home nearby for Sassy but her days in this high-kill shelter were numbered so we had to work fast. She appeared to have some medical issues as well.  Cathy drove Sassy to meet me in Auburn, IN and we went immediately to our vet to have her vaccinations and have an eye infection treated.   Sassy exhibited several symptoms of hypothyroidism.  She weighs 99#, probably 30# overweight!  Blood tests confirmed this and she will now be treated for this condition.  Until she gets back into shape, she'll be staying with us.  She has already been spayed."  Sassy is currently staying with Indiana OES Rescue.

Canine Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, also known as low thyroid or hypothyroidism, is a fairly common disease in dogs but especially Old English Sheepdogs. Four of our six dogs have this disease.  It can have serious side effects if left untreated. It is diagnosed with a blood test and easily treated with an affordable little pill given daily FOR LIFE... the pill is usually divided into two doses. 

For more information on low thyroid in dogs, please visit The Epi Guardian Angels website at this address for a list of symptoms provided by Dr. Jean Dodds DVM.  

The next article from this same website addresses canine behavior changes that may be caused by low thyroid- 

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