Old English Sheepdog puppy ornament, before and after painting.
Old English Sheepdog puppy gift boxed.
100% of the ornament price goes to assist
homeless or neglected Old English Sheepdogs.

Offered by Pomeroy Jewelers, LLC in Traverse City, Michigan.

Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornaments that benefit OES rescues.

We began making hand cast and hand painted holiday decorations and magnets back in 1989.  Our wildlife keepsakes could be found at Michigan art and craft shows and also specialty stores like Bronner's Christmas Wonderland and a few wildlife specialty stores.

The process is the same now as it was back then. Each keepsake begins with a ball of clay and a photo or line drawing.  My sculptures take from 6-10+ hours to complete. When the original has been completed, I hand apply a mold. From these molds, we make our Christmas decoration castings.  Each casting is hand cast in a somewhat flexible, opaque, vinyl-type material.   Castings are trimmed and each is hand painted with acrylic paints. Finally, each is finished as a Christmas ornament and packaged in a gift box. Due to the hand painted nature of these items, patterns and paint boundaries will vary. 

Important Information: Our OES keepsakes are for decorative use only. They are not toys so keep them out of the reach of children and pets.  All decorations are flat one side.  Because of the opaque nature of this casting medium, finished decorations are not suitable for backlighting.  Avoid excessive heat or ornaments will become more flexible. Storage: Wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and store in a dry place.

NOTE: If more than one ornament is ordered, the shipping method will be via US Priority Mail and any over payment compared to the actual Priority fee will be credited. You can see Old English Sheepdogs helped by customer's purchases at the address below.

For the most recent Old English Sheepdogs assisted
and those helped over the years, please click here.

Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornament #2

Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornament #2 on tree.  Old English Sheepdog sitting Christmas ornament #2 

Old English Sheepdog
Ornament # 2

Measures approximately 2 5/8" x 1 1/2"


Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornament #3 Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornament #3 on tree.

Old English Sheepdog
Ornament #3
Measures approximately 2 1/4" x 1 5/8"
(Note that this decoration will
arrive in the smaller size box.)


Old English Sheepdog Puppy Decorations

Old English Sheepdog Christmas ornaments.

Old English Sheepdog puppies.
* Each decoration offered separately.


Old English Sheepdog puppy ornaments on tree.


Old English Sheepdog
Puppy "Sitting Pretty"
Ornament #6
Measures approximately 1 7/8" x 1 5/8"



Old English Sheepdog
"Puppy Bow "
Ornament #7
Measures about 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"



"Christmas Ornaments to Benefit Old English Sheepdog Rescues"
The sale of these decorations is through Pomeroy Jewelers.  We donate 100% of the ornament price
(not just the profit) of these ornaments to help Old English Sheepdogs needing assistance.

The Companion Old English Sheepdog

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