The Rescue
Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs that
have been assisted since 2004.

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Old English Sheepdogs in the USA.

OES Rescue Poems-
The Rescue Old English Sheepdog
Don't Think She Didn't Love Me

Are We Your Puppy's Parents?

Old English Sheepdog & Shaggy Dog Rescue Assistance
& Home Grooming The Companion Old English Sheepdog.

Home Grooming The
Companion Old English Sheepdog
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Old English Sheepdog puppy ornaments.
Old English Sheepdog
Christmas Ornaments For OES Rescue

Our Objective For The Dogs We Assist:  We will seek to intervene if you are being neglected or abused, if you're homeless or no longer wanted, or if your loving family simply can no longer keep you.  We will work to get you into a rescue, preferably one experienced with your breed.  We may pay to have painful mats shaved from your skin, to have you cleaned up so you're outside appearance may better match the beauty of your spirit.  We may fund your spay or neuter so we will be certain you won't be used to produce puppies either purposely or mistakenly.  We may pay a veterinarian to address your medical needs in order to make you well again or prevent future suffering. If, due to aggression or physical suffering, it's determined you cannot live a quality life, we may pay to have you compassionately put to rest while in the arms of a loving individual, if human contact gives you comfort.  Our objective is to find a rescue that will get you into a foster home so you can begin to understand what it means to be a beloved companion and that you'll begin to learn good manners so you may transition easier into your future home. Our ultimate goal is that someday, a responsible family will find you and be overjoyed about bringing you into their family.  We will also teach pet owners how to manage your profuse, shaggy coat so you will never suffer due it.

The Companion Old English Sheepdog

Until You Find Me
3946 Park Lane -  Traverse City, Michigan 49686

Old English Sheepdog & Shaggy Dog Rescue Assistance.