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There are many homeless Old English Sheepdogs waiting for new homes with families matching their temperament and needs.  Some were simply unable to stay with loving families... others have been abandoned, abused or neglected.


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Rehoming Your Old English Sheepdog YOURSELF-
Some questions you might ask potential adopters or buyers.

Click here for information on how to efficiently contact a shelter or animal control on behalf
of a rescue.

Visit the breed club's rescue page for a list of
Old English Sheepdog rescues and contact information...

Old English Sheepdog
Rescues & Contact List

Check your LOCAL shelters or animal control to see if by chance they have a sheepdog for you.  Also check the list of rescues provided above for an OES rescue near you. If no Old English Sheepdogs are available in your area, please visit at the address below.


The Companion Old English Sheepdog

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