Old English Sheepdog & Shaggy Dog Rescue Assistance
& Home Grooming The Companion Old English Sheepdog.

One way to efficiently contact a shelter or animal
control about an Old English Sheepdog in their care.

Things to remember...
  • The OES you are calling about is just one of several dogs the shelter or animal control is handling and trying to find homes for or rescues to assist.

  • Some shelters refuse to work with rescues.  Note however you may be able to aid in the release of a dog by sharing your own experience with that rescue. You might be a liaison between a rescue and a shelter and achieve some good results.

Contacting A Shelter Or Animal Control...

  1. Ask if you can speak with someone about the specific dog.  Provide the name and ID number if one is available.

  2. Write down the name of the person you're speaking with. 

  3. Ask if they would like any help in placing the dog... if they would be interested in assistance from an OES rescue.

  4. Ask if the dog is in any danger of being euthanized. If yes, ask how long you have to try to find assistance.

  5. If they do not want assistance from OES rescue, ask if you can leave your telephone number should they have any problems finding the dog a home.  You can also offer to email your contact information to them so you don't tie up their phone.

  6. If they would like assistance, tell them you will TRY to locate an OES rescue that will help... but make NO promises.  Remember that we as volunteers do not make decisions on behalf of individual rescues.

  7. Request the name of the person rescue should speak with and a telephone number (if different).  You might also ask if there is a good time to call.

  8. If a situation is urgent, CALL the rescue with details.  If not, send the details to rescue in an email with a "read receipt". If you do not receive the acknowledgement that your email was delivered/read, call the rescue to follow up within 12-24 hours.

  9. Then back out an allow the two organizations to work out the arrangements.  Too many people trying to assist one dog or continuing to use a "middleman" between a shelter and rescue can make things too confusing and can be very frustrating to both rescues and shelters.

As you make more contacts with shelters and animal control, you will find ways that work best for you. 



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